How to Complain about your Hotel Room

How to complain about your hotel room.

We’ve all had a less than satisfactory lodging experience, but do you know how to complain about your hotel room if or when the need arises? Your complaint may lead to a more pleasant hotel stay for the next guest. I’m not a complainer. I normally won’t say anything, unless someone or something makes me […]

FREE Summer Membership to Pink Palace Family of Museums in Memphis

Free Summer trial membership to the Pink Palace Family of Museums in Memphis, Tennesee.

The Pink Palace Family of Museums in Memphis, Tennessee has a great plan in place to ensure families can have a fun, educational filled summer. For $5, families can register for a Summer Trial Membership which grants unlimited entrance to the Pink Palace Museum, Mallory Neely House and Lichterman Nature Center until August 31, 2015. […]

Shark Bridge Opens at Newport Aquarium

Dare to Cross the Shark Bridge at Newport Aquarium- the only rope suspension bridge above a shark tank in North America.

I’m one of those people that would never dream of being lowered into shark-infested waters inside a shark cage. Nope.  I’m one who prefers to watch other people experience it from the safety of my couch, covering my eyes and cringing as the sharks head towards the adventurers. But even though I don’t want to […]

Go Beyond Basics with Travel Resolutions #AlamoDriveHappy


When my kids were little, I was a no mom. “No, you can’t go outside right now.” “No, you can’t have friends over.” “No, you can’t watch that cartoon.” “No, we can’t bake cookies today.” Then I read an article that changed my life and changed life for my kids. I don’t remember the entire […]

Gospel Hill Lighthouse in Warsaw, Ohio

The lighthouse at Gospel Hill in Warsaw, Ohio is open to visitors during the week. Monday- Friday 9 am. to 3 pm.

Continuing the Blogging from A-Z Challenge, here is my post for G which is also part of the series Around Ohio in 30 Days. You won’t find a large body of water near the Gospel Hill Lighthouse. This beacon of light shines out over the valley surrounding Gospel Hill. Construction began on the lighthouse in August […]

F is for Flag: Annin Flag Company in Coshocton

Over 10 million stick flags are produced at the Annin Flag Company in Coshocton, Ohio for residential use.

Continuing the Blogging from A-Z Challenge, here is my post for F which coincides with Day 6 of Around Ohio in 30 Days. Annin Flag Company has been in business for over 150 years. America’s oldest and largest flag company, Annin has locations in New Jersey, Virginia, and Coshocton, Ohio. Last summer, I had the […]