Glenlaurel: Romantic and Luxurious Accommodations in Hocking Hills

Glenlaurel Manor House in Hocking Hills offers a romantic and luxurious escape for couples in Ohio

There are seasons in life when you just don’t feel like you have time to breathe. This has been that season. All of a sudden, life has gotten really, really busy. There are so many changes taking place in my family. Good changes. Necessary changes. But changes nonetheless. It feels like I adjust to one […]

The Day my Life was Made

A canoe trip at Mohican Adventures

This post is written by my daughter, Chelsea. Thank you to Ohio State Parks and Mohican Adventures in Loudonville, for providing the opportunity for us to make these memories together.  My first canoe trip was pretty memorable, considering I almost died. My family isn’t the most athletic, like, we’re not coordinated. At all. So I don’t know why […]

Cedar Point: The Weekend I Conquered my Fears

Conquering my fears at Cedar Point with my best friend

Thanks to my daughter, Chelsea, for sharing her experience at Cedar Point.  I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty scared of heights, like maybe terrified. Because of that, roller coasters were never a huge draw for me. But, when I was a freshman in high school my best friend somehow convinced me to go […]

First Flight: Participating in the Young Eagles Program

Starting the plane

When my boys were little, they wanted to grow up to a policeman, fireman or soldiers. It wasn’t until they were teenagers and took their first non-commercial plane ride in the Young Eagles program that they added pilot to that list. My boys are now too old to participate in the Young Eagles Program, which […]

Take a Ride on The Hocking Valley Scenic Railway

Pulling into the station at the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway

The Hocking Valley Scenic Railway has been providing rides to the public since 1972. The train, which is operated solely by volunteers, offers rides on Saturday and Sunday, with special daily rides during the month of October, allowing passengers to enjoy the fall foliage. Several tours are offered throughout the year, including specialty tours such […]

5 Tips to Earn Money for Your Family Vacation

How to Earn Money for Family Vacation

Traveling is something everyone should experience, but something not everyone thinks they can afford. I get it that some trips are just really expensive, but my family has taken some pretty amazing vacations for very little money. Remember our ten day road trip to California last year? We spent just over $2500 and that included […]

Glamping it up at The Ranch at Rock Creek

montana-horseback-riders at the Ranch at Rock Creek

When you think of luxurious travel, what comes to mind? An Oceanside beach house with private beach access? A decked out cabin in the mountains with your own cook to provide delicious meals after a day of hiking the trails? A shopping trip to Paris followed by a luxurious hotel suite? Chances are when you […]

A Visit to Grandpa’s Pottery in Clinton County in Pictures

Grandpa's Barn offers stoneware Pottery in Clinton County

Grandpa’s Pottery located just outside Wilmington in Clinton County, Ohio offers a wide selection of hand thrown stoneware for sale in Ray Storer’s studio.  Visitors will enjoy watching Ray a.k.a. “Grandpa” as he molds a lump of clay into a beautiful, functional piece in minutes. But that’s not the best part. If you make arrangements in advance or visit […]

A Touch of Nostalgia at The Unusual Junction and Lava Rock Grill

The Price is Right Sign at the Lava Rock Grill in Coshocton, Ohio

The Lava Rock Grill in West Lafayette, east of Coshocton touts itself as “Ohio’s most unique dining and shopping experience.” If you base that statement on the unusual and eclectic café interior, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a restaurant of its equal in the Buckeye State. I spent much of my tween […]

2014 Fall Home School Days at Roscoe Village

Fall Home School Days at Roscoe Village in Coshocton, Ohio

Roscoe Village will hold Fall Home School Days September 15 and 16th in their historic, 1830’s canal-era village. Your fist stop should be to the Roscoe Village Visitor Center to purchase your tickets. Inside you’ll find a museum exhibit that walks you through the canal days with a working lock model and hands-on demonstrations. Don’t […]