Goldfish Puffs: Perfect Teen Snacks for Road Trips

A great road trip snack is essential to keeping my teens happy on the road. And while they have a list of standbys, they’re always on the look out for a new favorite. That’s why I was thrilled when I was selected to purchase  and try the new Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Puffs and create a sponsored post based on my experience for Collective Bias® as part of the Social Fabric Community®.

My kids have been fans of the classic little orange goldfish snacks since they were toddlers so I knew this opportunity was a perfect fit. There are some things they simply don’t outgrow.

A Road Trip Snack Teens will LOVE

You know I love to plan road trips. We have several planned throughout our home state this summer as well as one or two that will take us beyond Ohio’s borders. One tip to keeping my kids happy and content on the road is to pack snacks to munch along the way. Believe me, no one wants to deal with hungry teenagers!

Teens Snacks from Target

Target is the only store in our area that currently stocks the Goldfish Puffs, so we ran to across town to grab a couple bags to try. Unfortunately the new snack item was nearly sold out. There were only three bags of the same flavor, Buffalo Wing, on the shelf so we grabbed a bag and threw it in the cart. My daughter was a wee bit disappointed because she really wanted to try the Cheddar Bacon or Mega Cheese variety.

My teens didn’t pay much attention, but I was thrilled to find that the new Goldfish Baked Puffs are also gluten-free.

Teens Snacks

I had plans to make a party mix with the Goldfish Puffs , but my daughter couldn’t wait until we got home to try the new snacks and had to open them right away. While she’s convinced that the Buffalo Wing flavor isn’t her first choice for a snack, the new resealable bag fascinated my teens.

If your kids are easily amused, not only will the Goldfish Puffs fill your teens tummies, it will also keep them busy as they seal and unseal the bag repeatedly. My teens found it necessary to determine how many times they could seal and unseal the bag before the self-sealer would quit working. I wonder if Pepperidge Farm imagined that scenario when they were testing the design.

Goldfish Puffs

At home I decided to mix up that party mix I’d intended to make with the Goldfish Puffs, pretzels and Traditional Chex Mix I’d purchased at the store.

Pretzels, Goldfish Puffs, Chex Mix

I simply filled a bowl with ingredients from each of the selections.

Mixing the goldfish puffs

Poured them in a large bowl and mixed.  A snack really doesn’t get much simpler than that- and talk about easy clean-up! Now that is my kind of cooking. Pour, mix and store.

Store the Goldfish Puff mix in a storage bag

I’d picked up gallon size storage bags at the store which were perfect to keep the mixture fresh and ready to go.

The Traveling Praters Road trip snack mix

I labeled the bag as road trip snacks so no one would be confused as to its purpose. Of course, my family has been sneaking a few bites here and there but I won’t complain. That just means I’ve found a snack they’ll all love.

You can follow Goldfish Smiles on Facebook or Twitter to find out if the snacks are available in your area, or to learn about new flavors as they’re released.

Have you seen the new Goldfish Puffs pop up at a store near you? Which flavor do you think you’d like to try? Buffalo Wing, Mega Cheese or Cheddar Bacon? 

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