Travel Made Easy with the Asus ME302c Android Tablet

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Are you on the lookout for a great tablet? Learn why my search of the best tablets led me to the Android tablet by Asus.

There are times when I think I spend more time on the road than I do at home. Whether I’m driving across town to wait for my daughter to get off work, on a cross country road trip with my family, attending a blogging conference or event, or traveling out of state to visit my husband who travels with his job, it’s important to me that I am able to stay connected.

If I’m away from home and plan to get some work done, there are a few items that I always pack and carry with me; my smartphone, a pen and notebook (as in paper notebook), my laptop, my Flip video camera, my DSLR camera and my point and shoot camera for the times when my larger camera is simply too bulky. As you can imagine, lugging all of those items around can be a bit cumbersome and HEAVY.

I can’t tell you how many times on our recent cross country road trip that I wished for something smaller than my laptop, but something a bit larger and easier to manage than my smartphone. A tablet seemed like the perfect alternative.

That’s why I’m so excited to share my new SUPERTOOL, the Asus ME302c Android Tablet.

This one product allows me to search the internet, snap photos, record and create vivid HD video, and even blog on the road! I even created this blog post on my tablet!

There are several features that I really love about my tablet and found some particularly helpful for those times when I’m on the road.

#shop Travel Made Easy with the Asus ME302c Android Tablet on the Road

Benefits of the Asus ME302c Android Tablet for travelers: 

  • You can sync all your accounts so you have access to email, travel itineraries, financial information and social media when you’re traveling or away from home.
  • You can load pictures and video from your camera to your tablet with a microSD or microSDHC memory card with an adapter.
  • The addition of a mobile keyboard makes mobile blogging a cinch.
  • Access books and guidebooks on the go.
  • Long battery life means that you can count on your tablet when you need it.
  • The large 10″ screen-size also means that it’s easy on the eyes.
Smartphone vs Asus ME302c Intel Tablet #shop

I love the larger screen size of the tablet, which makes it easier for me to see what I’m looking at and reduces eye strain.

The Asus ME302c also simplifies packing. This tablet is portable, lightweight and easy to keep track of. A perfect addition to a travel bloggers arsenal of tools.

Blog Anywhere Even on the Road #shop

In addition to the tablet, I also purchased a travel case with a keyboard which makes blogging on the go easier than I ever imagined.

An Android operating system, 16 GB, Intel Inside, docking station, you may as well be speaking Greek to me. You’re looking at a girl who asks for assistance when purchasing a new memory card for her camera! I certainly didn’t trust myself to pick out a tablet on my own so I was thrilled when Melvin at Office Depot asked if I needed assistance. Did I ever! And I’m thankful that he patiently responded to the 101 questions that I asked him as I tried to grasp the inner workings of the Asus ME302c tablet.

#shop Asus ME302c Android Tablet

The Android operating system and Intel Inside combine to create a superspeed experience for optimal web browsing, advanced camera capabilities and outstanding battery life. Every bloggers dream. The tablet is also easy to customize with the many apps that are available.

Using the Asus ME302c Tablet to browse social media. #shop

Within minutes of purchasing my tablet, I had it running and was busy installing my favorite apps and perusing my favorite social media sites.

I didn’t waste anytime installing my favorite social media and travel apps.

Next time I’m on the road, I can easily search my favorite roadside attractions, find the best gas prices, read attraction reviews at TripAdvisor and find the best deals on hotel rooms.

I can also stay connected with my family through email and Skype. I love the technology that allows families to stay in touch even though they may be hundreds of miles apart.

Learn more about the Asus ME302c and follow what’s going on at  Intel  or at Office Depot on Twitter.

How would an Asus ME302c Tablet make your life easier?

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  1. I’m currently looking into a tablet for my husband. This one sounds pretty neat, I will have to look more into it.

  2. This looks like a great way to stay connected!

  3. That definitely makes blogging a lot easier when you have a larger device to use. I know my phone can do so much, but the tiny screen makes me feel less productive.

  4. Looks like an awesome tablet and it looks very purse friendly!

  5. I love tablets provided I have a keyboard and mouse. Then I feel like I can function nearly as well as on a laptop.

  6. We always take our tablet when we travel.

  7. Looks like a great tablet — I love that a keyboard is available for it!

  8. What a great travel tool! All the connectivity without all the bulk of a typical laptop.

  9. What a great tablet — it’d make a perfect Christmas present :)

  10. ASUS has been coming out with some nice gadgets lately. I’m quiet impress with their new products, and this tablet is no exception.

  11. Wow, this tablet looks great for travel and everyday use! Great tip to use your memory card to load photo and video directly onto the tablet. I’m also the girl that asks for assistance with even the smallest gadget purchases! Thanks for sharing all the features of your new supertool! #client

  12. This would make a great gift for my mom. She enjoys planning and organizing trips more than actually taking them. LOL

  13. I have a giant 17inch heavy laptop made for hardcore gaming… so it’s not really portable and something like this would be awesome for blogging on the go!

  14. I haven’t heard much about the ASUS tablet so this was a great read. I prefer Android so I will have to remember next time we are in the market.

  15. Very cool, going to look into this more for my kids!

  16. We have an Andoid tablet that we love. I really need to get a keyboard for ours as my kids use it often but they are great for on-the-go. A good battery is definitely needed, so this is a great feature!

  17. My husband and I bought an Asus Memo for our kiddo! I can’t wait to see his face when he opens it!

    I like the case you bought for your tablet!

    • Yes! The case is perfect for blogging on the go and protecting the tablet. I’m going to purchase another one without the keyboard for times when it’s not needed.

  18. That looks like a very cool tablet. I’ve been thinking about investing in a good tablet to travel with, especially for blogging conferences. Next year my schedule is full and I’m with you, I don’t want to have to carry 500 electronics with me!

  19. I think I need this tablet for on the go!

  20. I am absolutely in the same boat as you! I was at an event last week and actually put my netbook in the safe at the hotel in order to reduce the heaviness of my massive purse that already contains my DSLR, etc. I’ve been thinking recently that a tablet would be a great replacement for my laptop for working on the go – this looks like a fantastic option.

    • Yes! You get me! It’s not like we can leave all those other necessities at home right? I have a press trip coming up in a few weeks and I can’t tell you how stinking excited I am that I won’t need to pack my laptop and lug it around! I’m also excited to get out and really work with my laptop.

  21. I would love to try an Android tablet. I’ve only ever used an ipad and I’d be curious as to whether or not my productivity was any different between them.

  22. This looks fantastic – and if my kiddos don’t get one in their stocking this Christmas, please Santa, I would LOVE one! :)

  23. It looks fantastic, what a nice screen!


  24. I’ve tried to hard to make my iPhone work on-the-go for work but I need a bigger screen. But lugging the laptop around is kind of a pain so, so tablet is the way to go!

    • The bigger screen is definitely a benefit for me! I’m probably on the verge of needing bifocals soon so the smaller screen of my phone just wasn’t working anymore.

  25. That is a great size tablet! Perfect for on to the go or at home!

  26. That looks like a great tablet for my son. We travel a lot for sports and he definitely needs one!

  27. I love Asus products. I have a laptop and it’s been the best laptop I’ve ever had!

  28. It would make my life better so that I could do work while my husband is monopolizing the computer playing video games.

  29. I have had such a hard time finding the perfect tech item to take on work trips with me, so this is very interesting. Thank you!

  30. I just gave my husband my iPad so I am in need of a new tablet! The Asus looks pretty cool, thank you for the recommendation!

  31. I love the travel case with the keyboard. I have been on the look out for something I can take traveling and still be ale to blog from.

    • Yes, the keyboard was a must for me. There is also a docking station that I almost bought- but I found the keyboard case to be more practical for my needs- thinking blogging on the go.

  32. If I didn’t have my iPad I would have to get a tablet for sure. Something that would fit in a shoulder bag to take along whereever I go.

  33. I love my iPad. I think tablets are wonderful. I admit I generally use mine for playing games and reading books. :)

  34. see i keep telling myself i need something like this but then i remember: 1. I have a vita and 2. when would i use it? xD I never go anywhere~ It’s pretty cool though.

  35. we need a tablet just for this reason. I hate bringing my laptop everywhere

  36. Looks super nice! However, I do think my husband would ‘adopt’ it and take it over with games…

  37. My husband has been begging for an iPad but I’m looking at more affordable tablet options for him. I’ll definitely add this to my list.

  38. I have a really hard time using tablets, so I’m wary, but this one looks great!

    • I agree. Tablets take a little bit of getting used to, don’t they? This is the first one I’ve owned so I can’t compare, but since it’s Android based, it’s almost like having a giant phone. Which is great for my just-over-40-eyes. :)

  39. I”m totally team iPad, but this one looks like it’s pretty awesome too!

  40. I love using a tablet when I travel! They’re so much easier to bring along than a laptop. I also have a keyboard case so it works just like a laptop!

  41. I would use this to make taking notes in my college classes so much easier!!

  42. I love my tablet because, well, it’s bigger, lol. Super smart showing the side by side :) I love the keyboard you can use with the Asus. It makes it so much easier to get more work done.

  43. I love ASUS products. I have the Transformer tablet and I love it.

  44. One day I will get a tablet and I am glad to read all about the great features that this one has. Looks like it is great!

  45. Looks great! My daughter has to have Physical Therapy 2x a week for the next few months due to a dance injury. This would be perfect to help me stay productive while I sit in the waiting room.

  46. I love the case you have! I use a bluetooth keyboard with my tablet, but it’s a bit cumbersome to lug around. This looks sleek and easy to use no matter where you are.

  47. This looks like a great tablet and it’s pretty affordable, that’s awesome!

  48. I’ve been looking into something like that for when I can’t be at the computer since I don’t have a laptop. This one looks really nice!

  49. This is cool and makes a great Christmas or birthday gift.

  50. Sounds like a great tablet, especially the long lasting battery.

  51. This looks like a really great tablet!

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